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Forest Half MarathonBlog

Posted by Line Kolbe Thu, November 06, 2014 18:31:29

This past Sunday I ran a half marathon in Denmark called Løberen Skovmarathon which is a race in the beautiful danish forest near Hillerød. You could choose between a 10K, a half marathon and a marathon. I did the half marathon last year together with Berit and this year I wanted to do the half marathon again, and together with Berit again. This is now something we will do every year. I nice tradition (hopefully we will be able to do the whole marathon once we get even better at running...). My goal was not to beat the time from last year, but to simply get through it without my knee starting to act up again.

Since my attempt to complete the mountain marathon in August, where I had to stop after 16 km due to runner's knee, I've not been running that much. I've focused on rehabbing the knee. So this was the big test to see if all my stretching, targeted lifting and running mostly uphill had helped. I really didn't know what to expect. Along the route you got to pass the same water/fuel station many times and that place was near the start/finish area, so if my knee should start to hurt again I could stop there. So that was my plan. To run as far as possible, hopefully all the way, but stop if my knee should start to hurt.

Here we are at the start:

Blog image
So off we went. Berit was in a great shape, running faster than me, and all the time about a meter in front of me. She talked a lot, cheered on me and kept our speed a little faster than I actually was capable of keeping. After the first 5 km I was starting to really doubt if it had been a good decision to attempt this half marathon. I should have done the 10K I thought, but then I wouldn't get to know how far I could go..

So far everything else felt great. No pain anywhere. It was just my shape I had completely lost.

Berit's pace made me get a lot of lactic acid build up in my muscles, which in turn gave me very heavy legs and a side stitch that just wouldn't go away. I had to walk a bit, had to stop talking, had to try and run very slowly and then see if I could keep running.. At one point where I'd said to Berit: "Ok, I'll try again and run very slowly" and then started to run in a pace where you might be able to walk fast beside me, she at once was that meter in front of me again and she looked back at me, laughed and said: "yeah, ok... That was slowly!". Btw Berit was very sweet and stayed with me even though she could have run way faster than we did.

Then various pains started to come, besides the side stitch that came and went a lot the next many km. My right calf started to get very stiff and hurt, but it was just the muscle so no worries there. Then my left ankle started to ache but that luckily went away. Then underneath my left foot something started to hurt but that also luckily went away. All the while my right calf just kept getting tighter and more painful. Then at last the left calf joined the right one and both of them were tight and painful. After some time they hurt the same so that at least gave me some balance...
And no sign of pain in my knee at all. I was so happy about that.

When we were about half way we got to a photographer who took this picture of us:

Blog image
When we reached the sign telling us we'd now run 11 km I said to Berit that I thought she should just run and see if she could beat her time from last year. She was still very energetic and had said a couple of times that she would be able to run faster than we did. So I said I thought she should do that. With the time we'd used to get to 11 km and now having 10 km left to go, if she could do those last 10 km in an hour she would beat her time from last year. She said she thought she might be able to do that and asked again if it was ok, and of course it was, so off she went.

That meant that I could slow down even more and I finally got rid of the side stitch once and for all, and now it was just me, my willpower and my bad shape getting one km at a time closer and closer to the finish.

It was tough. I really wasn't in shape for it. My whole body started to beg me to stop. My legs hurt, my back hurt, even my arms hurt, but only muscles pain. Nothing in my knee. I kept on. Running slowly and walking a bit, then running slowly agian, then walking a bit. It's wasn't a beautiful sight but I did it.

When Berit had asked that one last time if it was ok she ran ahead, I had answered that yes, but only if she'd take a picture of me when I would get to the finish line. She had smiled and said of course. So here it is, me finally after a lot of fighting, getting to the finish line:

Blog image
And here we are together, happy and proud:

Blog image
I am so relieved that my knee didn't act up. This means that my rehab so far has been a success. It means that I now dare to run further in my training runs at home in my own forest. It means that I'm on track to be able to complete that mountain marathon next summer.. I'm so happy about this.

Berit didn't beat her time from last year, but I also really slowed her down the first half of the run. I was 10 min slower than last year, but last year I had been able to run a lot more before it and I didn't do it for the time this year.

We got these diplomas after finishing:

Blog image
After changing clothes we drove into the city and has a nice meal at a restaurant as a celebration and a nice ending of a good long day.

Blog image
Thanks to Berit for this great day.
Thanks to my Sponsor Fairing for the support and supplements.

Life Goes OnBlog

Posted by Line Kolbe Wed, August 20, 2014 10:40:16

Yesterday I registered myself and Thomas for the mountain marathon next year.

I'm so happy he wants to do this together with me. In the marathon you can register yourself as a solo runner, or you can be a duo team of two persons. There are only room for 80 duo teams and they were sold out in one hour. When the registration opened I sat ready at my computer and got one of the spots. I also got a room at the hotel we want to stay in (they get full booked fast too), so now it's all ready for us next year.

It's going pretty good with my knee. I've been running on an incline of 15% for 10-15 min after my workouts and it's been great. No pain at all. I've also been stretching a lot after every workout. I'll continue to increase the time I run after my workouts as long at it still feels good. I've also tried a bit of downhill running outside, just a tiny little bit just to test how it felt and it felt good too. This is what I can't do with the knee and what I need to work up the ability to do. So I'll try to fit that in so I can increase that super slowly too.

I still work a lot at the canoe central but it's starting to be low season and there are less guests here again, so I have more time at home again. I get my 5-6 gym workouts in every week. I've had to unregister myself for the Athletic Fitness championships in September. I need to focus on my rehab on my knee. I feel good about that decision.
Life goes on.

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Axa Mountain MarathonBlog

Posted by Line Kolbe Sat, August 09, 2014 15:14:03

I had a wonderful weekend but the marathon, Axa Fjällmaraton, didn't go as planned at all.

We, Thomas had taken some days off from his work to come with me, had a long way to drive to get up to the Swedish mountains, about 1000 km, so we drove up on two days and got to the start place the evening before. The race was made so you could choose your own start time and could start between 7 and 9 o'clock. This race is called "Öppet Fjäll" (Open Mountain) because you have that two hour span where you can start. This is great when it's the first time you run it, or if you want to give yourself more time to be able to complete it. At midway they pull a rope across the path at a specific time and if you haven't gotten past that rope at that time you aren't allowed to continue from there, and then it's a good thing that you can start the race very early. It's also for those who like that we don't all run in one pack and want the field of runners spread out more.

There's an official marathon a week after the open mountain one and they have a start time and it's more a real race. The official one and this one have the exact same route, the same water/food stations, the same dinner afterwards with the winners on stage and prices and pictures and a film about the day.

It's 43 km and 1800 height meters through the Swedish mountains and it's beautiful! Two large mountains to pass plus a little mountain side up and down again between the two mountains.

I chose to start early and was out of bed already at 6 o'clock. I was at the starting line at 7 and on my way just minutes past 7.

Off I go, I'm the second one there:

Blog image

I felt perfect. Had a lot of energy and nothing hurt. The last weeks I'd rested a lot because I still had some soreness in my left ankle that bothered me, but the rest had been good for me. My shape was also great. Felt like I could really do this.

After a short time I got the start of the first mountain and the route went up and up and up for the next 10 km. I can't express how much I love the nature in this part of the world. It was so amazing. I loved every step I took. I still felt really great. I walked where it was the steepest but I also ran a lot and still felt like I could just go on. My training runs paid off now.

I got passed by some who'd started after me. I also at times just stopped and watched the view. Took it all in. Took some pictures:

Blog image
Blog image
My whole body felt great all the way up that mountain and then I was almost at the top. I looked at my clock and saw that I was doing good. Thomas was waiting for me at the water/food station on the other side of this mountain and we'd guessed that it would take me about 2 hours to pass it, and that should still be realistic. I was so incredibly happy. Everything seemed to go my way.

The route was very easy to follow and marked with both plastic strips and these cool signs along the way:

Blog image
At the top of the mountain there was a check point you had to pass and then it went downhill the next 6 km towards the food/water station. The first part downhill went fine and it almost felt like resting. My body had gone into this stage where it was just set on uphill and then when it went down my heart rate fell and it was so easy to run. My legs still felt good. Then this came:

Blog image
A very very steep downhill. I almost had to climb parts of it and it really put stress on my knees. My right knee started to ache. The same feeling I'd had at the hill run I did about 7 weeks ago and also on the forrest half marathon I did in Denmark. I thought to myself, Oh no.. not again, not this early. I was very careful but the knee still ached. I had expected it to come at the end of this marathon, but not at all this early. I started to walk to make it go away. The path evened out and wasn't that steep so I started to run again.

It was fine for a while though I could still feel it and hoped it would just go away again. I ran slowly and carefully but after some time the ache became a real pain and I had to walk a lot. I was passed by many runners. A lot was so nice to ask if I was ok and a lot cheered on me and everyone was so sweet. I felt so sad. The pain got worse and worse. I walked. Tried to run two-three steps, had to stop and walk again, tried running again, couldn't.. I started to wonder if I should use my first aid and make a bandage on my knee, but thought to myself that it would be better to just get to the water/food station where Thomas would be and then get a better bandage there. I still hoped it would get better and bearable so I could continue.

When I finally got there I was so sad. The ones who where at the water/food station were very sweet. They got me a bandage on my knee, I tried to run a bit with it and I thought it could maybe work, and I had some bananas and some water. The time down the mountain had taken me a lot more time than up the mountain had. Thomas had gotten worried and when he saw how I was walking he understood. I left that water/food station with the intension of continuing but at the same time my knee hurt so incredibly much. I actually tried to run 3 more times but had to stop. I was devastated.
To complete this marathon had been my dream for a whole year. I wasn't even tired in my body yet. My ankles and feet felt great. Everything except that knee was perfect. I got into our car and just cried. Thomas drove me back to the water/food station and I dropped out of the run, returned the time chip and was registered as a non finisher.
I completed 16 km, 6 of them with pain, and passed the first mountain.

After some time of getting over it we drove to the second water/food station just to see how it looked there, have some of the food and talk with the ones there.

Thomas took this one of me talking to one of the runners:

Blog image
This guy told me that he'd dropped out last year for the same reason, runner's knee, and that I'd be back next year. That was so nice of him to say that. Made me feel a lot better.

And then after we'd spend some time there we went to the finish area and saw the runners come to the finish. I had my knee looked at and got a massage, I was again told that it's runner's knee and what I now have to do to rehab. We relaxed and waited for the dinner in the evening.

That dinner was amazing and the company was too. We got to know some very nice people. We had one more night up there before heading the long way home again the day after. On the way down we drove from morning to evening and drove it all in one day. One of the guys we got to know at the dinner drove with us on our way home. He had taken the train up and needed a ride home so we helped him.

Now a week after the run my knee still aches when I go down stairs but otherwise it's fine. That's pretty normal for runner's knee. I'm still disappointed that I couldn't complete the marathon but I'm happy I know what to do about my knee and I know that next year I'll be able to complete it. And one more great thing: Thomas now wants to get in shape and do it together with me next year.

Thanks to my sponsor, Fairing for the supplements and support!

Now I can't wait to start my rehab for my knee and get back again.


Posted by Line Kolbe Wed, June 18, 2014 10:49:47

Just want to make an update about what's going on in my life.
A lot is going on. I'm working at the canoe central and love that job. I'm renting out canoes. I get to spend my summer out in nature at a lake with my dog and with happy people. That's just perfect.

Blog image
Other than that I've been running the Sankt Hans Extreme 10K. That was a hot experience. The weather was sunny with almost no wind and it was a very hot summer day. It was a 10K with nothing but steep hills and I get why they call the run "extreme"
It was very extreme with all those hills. Great practice for the mountain marathon in August.

Blog imageBlog image
Right now I'm just under 7 weeks form that mountain marathon. I can't wait. I look so much forward to running in the swedish mountains the 2nd of August.

I've also registered myself for the Swedish Championships in Athletic Fitness the 6th of September. That will be my debut in that. Exciting. I've been wanting to compete in that for many years actually. Now is the time. I'm just under 12 weeks out from that.
In this class you are judged on symmetry like in the physique class, plus you have strength and endurance too. You have to do chins and dips to show the strength and also rowing machine to show your endurance. I really like this. You need to be as healthy and in as great a shape as possible. The looks are kind of a byproduct of being the best possible version of yourself. Of course you still need to do the bodybuilding part of it to look your best but that's also perfect for me. I wouldn't want to miss that part of it. The sculpting of the aesthetic and athletic look and the symmetry round where you get to show off your body and the hard work in the gym.

I'm working out with a training partner now, Cathrine. It's great to have someone to work out with, to make you do your best, and I'm dieting to lose some weight and fat for the marathon and to get in shape for the Athletic Fitness competition 5 weeks after the marathon.

This weekend Thomas and I went to Stockholm to a Team Fairing get-together. It was a great day with great people. I really love being in the team. Not only am I sponsored with really good products I also really like the people that run Fairing Sports Nutrition and the team of athletes that we are. Down to earth good people.
We went out bowling, talked a lot, ate good food, had a little education with the Naprapat in the team and got the latest team info and news.

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The Trail of the VikingsBlog

Posted by Line Kolbe Tue, April 29, 2014 23:08:35

or Vikingesporet, which is the actual name, is the half-marathon I did this past Sunday.
What a trail run! They claim it's the most beautiful half-marathon in Denmark. I can only agree. The route starts at the Viking's museum by the fjord in Roskilde and then heads out to the forest near by, and there it's path is on the mountain bike trails up and down and up and down on the hills in the forest. It's a very tough if you aren't used to steep hills. You get to run on sand beach, stone beach, gravel forest roads, a little bit of asphalt and then as mentioned mostly narrow trails in the forest.

The route:
Blog imageI absolutely love trail runs like this and when I first read about this run I just knew I needed to do it. I stayed at Berit's (a friend of mine who lives in Copenhagen) the night before the run so I didn't have to drive that far in the morning and I got the run in good time. Got a perfect parking spot, had no line to the toilets, got my number and chip, had some carbs (Fairing's Sloow Carbs+) and then just relaxed and waited for the start.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog image
This was the very first "Vikingesporet" (I do believe that this run will be one that comes back year after year) and there were only 440 runners participating (in both the half-marathon and the 10K) but the atmosphere was great. The weather, as you can see on the pictures, was amazing and almost too warm, but it was great in the shadow of the trees and with the wind from the fjord.

I placed myself in the back of the crowd before the start so I could run slow and not slow others down. That was a good decision. I had not been able to train as much as I probably should have to this run since I've had some issues with my left foot since the half-marathon I did in November last year. So I've had to work up the milage again, and I hadn't really run that much. So taking it slow was an absolute necessity. There were no km markings on the route so I had to go by time as to how far I'd come and that was not what I was used to. I had no idea how far I'd run. I only knew that at 10 km there would be a water/energy drink station. My feet, legs, everything felt great for at least the first hour, then it started to get tough.

Blog image
The route was marked with red/white plastic strips and they were placed along the path pretty often and you were able to easily follow it. When I'd run for about 45 mins, and the ones that ran the 10K and us on the half-m were separated into different routes, I was running pretty much alone. There was one woman behind me and I believed we were the last ones. At one point I passed a so lovely couple who were out with their puppy and that puppy was so sweet and I ran there and looked at them. I must have missed those markings at a turn and suddenly there were no marking on the path that I was running on. I started to think that something was wrong, looked back and saw that woman was following along and thought that then it might be right after all. Then we got to a place where the markings came back but it sort of looked funny. Like we could chose both back/left and straight forward. I stopped and let her catch me and we talked about it. We both had the feeling that this was wrong. We decided to go forward concluding that this could be where the 10K and our route came back together and we also thought we saw some runners ahead (which we later learned must have been others just taking a walk in the forest). Then suddenly we came to the beach again and recognized that we were running the same place as we'd been at earlier, just the opposite direction. I ran to a fisherman who luckily was there, and asked if other runners had run here with the same direction as us (the route might go this way and the split again later..) but he shook his head, "No" he said "just the other way". Then we knew for sure that it was wrong. Damn!! I thanked the fisherman and we turned around and ran back. Up in the forest back to the long path without the markings and then we found where we'd gone wrong. Where the puppy and the couple had been some 20 minutes before. I don't know the exact time I was off the path and how far it was, but I'm guessing 3-4 km and about 20 mins. I can only learn from this. Do not lose the markings!

After that we ran together for some time and then I slowly started to run from her. We had not come to that water station yet. The time had passed 1 hour and 15 mins and I was already starting to get tired. I started to question if I could actually do this, started thinking to myself "just run, just focus on not stopping, just run, one step at a time, just run" Then finaly the water station came and I knew that I was halfway. I had brought some energy gels (Fairing's Power Gel) and I had one of them at 1 hour and 30 mins and then one again at 1 hour 45 mins. The path was getting more difficult, more up and down hills and I was getting more and more sore all over. My calves started to really get tight and I could feel I was not used to steep hills like that. I actually got into that runner's high feeling about the time I had those gels. That feeling I also got at the last half-m I did. The time sort of just disappeared. I looked at my watch and then when I looked again, just a moment later, a half an hour had passed. The nature was amazing. I was running alone and I suddenly saw a young dear running near me. It looked like it was searching for it's mom. The light green leaves on the trees with the white flowers on the ground and the birds singing. I was in heaven. Even though I was hurting I felt like I could just go on and on and I kept on running.

At around 2 hours and 20 mins, and with a lot more pain, I got to one more water station. I was still running but very slowly. Still focusing on just keeping on running and not stopping. The guy there asked if I was ok, I guess I looked pretty worn out, and I answered that besides the pain all over I was doing just fine. I asked him how far there was to the finish and he said that it was about 4 km. Great I thought. That's not that far. I can do that. Then my knees started to hurt. I cursed those extra km I'd run wrong and thought that if I'd just not made that mistake I'd be at the finish line now without knees that hurt. It was mostly the right knee. I tried if walking was better but then thought to myself that then I'd take forever to finish and immediately started to run again. I also concluded that if I could run some 20-21 km I could run 4 more. My willpower once again won over my common sense and sound mind and I just ran. When I got to the finish area the other runners, who already had finished but were still there, cheered on me and the speaker announced my name and number and my time as I ran over the finish line. 2:51:09 was my official time for my run that was "a bit" more than a half-marathon.

Blog imageBlog image
I am so proud that I ran all the way only with very short walking parts where I had water or the hills were technically too difficult to run on (or when I was talking to the fisherman). After the run I really hurt a lot. My calves, ankles, knees, my quads, hams, back.. I sat down with another girl who had also just finished some minutes ago and we talked a lot about it all. We got a goodie bag with things to eat and drink. It was nice. We both were so happy and proud.

When I left the run I had even more to drink in my car. I was so thirsty. I was going to pick up Berit. She had also run a half-marathon that day. The BT Halfmarathon. We both changed clothes where I picked her up and then we went out to eat afterwards. What a great day!

Blog image
Now some days after I'm feeling surprisingly good. My calves are still very tight, but otherwise my whole body feels great. Nothing with the knees at all (I was a little worried there.. that right knee really hurt after the run) and also nothing with my feet, ankles or hips. I guess I wasn't in that bad a shape for it after all.

Loaded CupBlog

Posted by Line Kolbe Thu, April 24, 2014 16:49:42

I had the most amazing weekend. Everything was just even more than I expected, and I expected a lot. No wonder Dana and Rob Bailey want to come back year after year.
The seminar with Kai Greene Friday was so good. Also the seminar Saturday with Dana, Nathalia and Kai was great. The guest posing with Kai and Dana together was unbelievable. Rob performed live on stage for the first time ever. The athletes competing were amazing. The level of standard… again amazing. And the crowd there, the atmosphere and support given to the athletes. I can only say one thing: this is as good as it gets. If I should say one thing that was a little sad it was that Maria didn't get to meet and take pictures with Kai and Dana. She had to head home Sunday morning. I feel sorry for her. She looked so much forward to that. I bet she'll get the chance next year though. Kai is a difficult man to get to come but Stellan, who is the man behind Loaded Cup, can make impossible things happen..


Me with Kai and Dana. There was a line of hundreds to get pictures. It all went fast. Didn't get a chance to really talk, but a nice picture non the less.

Blog image
Rob and Thomas. Thomas had looked so much forward to showing Rob our car. They had a good little talk about it (you might know that Rob is into cars like that too)

Blog image
Our car outside the main entrance. There were many who took pictures in front of it posing. Fun. Thomas and Maria are there on these picture too.

Blog imageBlog image
Dana and Kai guest posing. This was amazing!

Blog imageBlog image
The Saturday seminar. Two hours of questions for the three of them. They had great answers and are so well spoken. All three are inspirational and great role models.

Blog imageBlog image
(there are more pictures on my instagram, @kolbeline and also check out @officialkaigreene, @danalinnbailey, @nathaliamelofit and @flagnorfail. Plus Loaded Cup's Facebook page: for even more pictures and video clips..)

Going to Loaded CupBlog

Posted by Line Kolbe Thu, April 17, 2014 21:49:30

I look so much forward to this weekend and Easter in Denmark at Loaded Cup.
Friday we'll attend a seminar with Kai Greene. In the evening we'll visit my parents. Saturday we'll see the competition. I look forward to seeing many I know on stage. We'll attend a seminar with Dana Linn Bailey, Nathalia Melo and Kai Greene and see them guest pose. Talk to them, get autographs.. Sunday we'll see the competition. See Dana, Nathalia and Kai guest pose again. After it's over we'll visit Thomas' dad before heading home to Sweden again.

And this week I had our sports car out for a little spin to our local decorator. Had him put on some cool stuff…

Because we just love Rob and Dana and Flag nor Fail, and because we love Fairing.
Does it get any cooler than this?!:

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Not giving up but..Blog

Posted by Line Kolbe Sun, April 06, 2014 17:22:03

I just send an email Loaded Cup (the one, the big dream competition) telling that I won't compete this year. I'm sad now. It's the right decision, but I'm sad anyway.

I'll explain: Since this is the big goal I really want it to feel like a success. I will not step on that stage with the feeling of not being 100% in shape. I don't care how I place, but I want to look the way I want to look. I really really want to have that feeling that I'm as good as I get. Then every thing else doesn't matter. The others don't matter. I know I've won for myself. That feelings isn't here now and I can't make it on two weeks. My body can't do it. My body is begging me to start reverse dieting. I've really been fighting to improve but I'm standing still and I must realize that the time left is not enough. I know how good I can be and I'm not there now.

I'm so sad that I won't be able to do it this year but I know I will make it next year instead. I won't give up on that dream. Loaded is such a big dream. And I won't step on that stage feeling half ready. No chance.

I've learned so much on this journey. I've also been through a year of many setbacks and finding out I have metabolic issues I had to deal with and obviously still deal with. It has not been without struggle that I've come as far as I have and now I didn't even make it all the way. It feels so bad but I must be realistic and I must start my reverse diet and take care of my health and get back better and ready.

I will not do Sweden Grand Prix either. I will shoot for the Swedish Championships in October and then next spring it will be the same again, only better than ever and with more wisdom and without making the same mistakes again. Because giving up is not an option. I will step on the stage at Loaded Cup and I will be my best ever when I do it.

Thomas, Maria and I will still go down to Denmark to see Loaded Cup and be there the entire weekend. Meet Kai Greene, Dana Linn Bailey, Nathalia Melo and many other great athletes. We will also visit family now we're there and just have a great time.

I really can't wait. It will be awesome.

I'm actually also really looking forward to the reverse dieting. It will be exciting to raise the metabolism slowly and get better at the same time. I will learn even more about my body and myself. I'm excited about The Swedish Championships in October (26 weeks out now!) and I'm excited about Loaded Cup and Sweden Grand Prix next year.

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