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Line Kolbe

7, 10 and 11 weeks out

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Mon, February 10, 2014 09:32:34
It's all getting so much closer now. It feels like time flies and I've just registered myself for the 3 competitions I'm prepping for. When the registrations are done it all gets so much more real. The motivation gets a notch higher.

I'm only 7 weeks out from the first one here in Sweden, Battle of Scandinavia.
This competition is like the key to getting to Denmark. You need to do a competition in Sweden in order to have permission to compete in other countries. So there's no way around this one. It's mandatory and it will be a good start. I see this as a sort of test drive before the ones some weeks later.

I'm 10 and 11 weeks out from the next two.
Loaded Cup in Denmark. This competition has always been a dream of mine to do.
I really can't wait!
Not only do I consider this to be the absolute coolest competition in Scandinavia,
Nathalia Melo, Dana Linn Baily and Kai Greene will be there!!!

Then last but not least Sweden Grand Prix which will be the finale of my spring.

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