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5, 8 and 9 weeks out

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Mon, February 24, 2014 12:18:51
I'm so excited, so motivated and I can't wait to get on stage!

The winter season has ended so I have the time to commit 100% to the prep now. It was a short and intense winter season and all the hard work pain off both with money, new friendships and a fat loss on top of it. It was long days and a lot of physical work. I really liked it. I plan to be back there again next winter.

But since I now have the opportunity to prep exactly like I want to I've made this new split:
1. Shoulders, triceps.
2. Back.
3. Legs
4. Shoulders, chest.
5. Back.
6. Abs, biceps.
7. Rest
You can see I want to focus on my shoulders and my back. Always want to improve there..

For cardio I'm doing long walks with my dog every day (sometimes with running thrown in too), because I love it, and my dog does too. I truly believe in doing things you love doing. If you are into high intensity, do that, if you are like me and like slower steady state, do that. I do plan on doing something to chock my body once a week, like do intervals, and I'll do that with extra carbs in me, on my high carb day.

My diet and supplements look like this now:
My diet is mostly fish and veggies, again because I love it and it fills me up, satisfies me and I get what I need. I have a low amount of carbs and moderate amount of fats and proteins. Once a week I lower my fats and raise the carbs. I use Fairing's supplements. Insane (which is an energizer, and I use this before my walks), I take ALA+ before the meals with the most carbs. I use Kolozzeum Pure Whey after my workouts. Before my workouts I've now started to use KCG R2 which I feel give me a good energy boost that lasts a long time and I don't get trouble sleeping when I use this late in the day since it's caffeine free. I take Zinzino Balance with my breakfast, this is an Omega 3 supplement as a shake. And then I take a multivitamin and some extra minerals too.

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