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Blessing or Curse?

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Wed, March 05, 2014 13:54:19
If there are different types of food you don't tolerate well, or are allergic to, you can choose to see that as a curse. You can feel sorry for yourself and be a victim. You can also see it as a blessing. It will probably make you choose healthier foods and make you an overall healthier person if you don't eat it. So if it wasn't for that "condition" of your's you'd be eating worse and now you have a good reason to not do that.
Isn't that a blessing? Seeing it like this changes you from a victim to a warrior, meaning that you choose to stay in the battle and choose to win. The battle against the cravings for the food you can't have, or the battle against the people in your life that don't understand that you can't eat it, or the battle against your own feelings of pity that will come at times.

Why do I write about this? Because being on a diet for a competition can feel very much like this. I'm not saying that you have to restrict yourself from certain foods in order to diet down, some don't have to do that, but you do need to be restrictive in your amounts and you do need to be in a deficit to lose the fat. And that can be a battle.

But be a warrior not a victim.

I'm also writing about this because sometimes a "condition" would be easier to have than just being on a diet for a competition. Society have a hard time accepting it if you just choose to eat a certain way when you don't really have to. Choosing a lifestyle can get you enemies. And here we are again with the warrior mindset.

You see. When you choose to eat better those around you, that don't have that willpower or motivation to do it, will have to bring you down in order for them to feel better about themselves. That's just human psychology. They don't mean to make you feel bad but they just can't help themselves. They need to justify their own bad choices.
If you could just say "Oh I'm sorry, I have to pass on that cake, I'm allergic to.. " instead of "… I'm on this diet" or "… I'm not eating sugar". Wouldn't that be easier?

So what to do?
Choose to be a warrior and choose to be a kind one. Don't let anyone pity you that you can't eat that, just be glad and explain that you feel better when you don't. Don't give into group pressure, you will let them know that it's possible to make you eat it and they will continue to try. Don't feel bad about your own decisions to not eat things, it's your own choice. Be happy that you are in control of your own life. Be an inspiration and show the world that you enjoy your lifestyle (and if you don't enjoy it you need to figure out what to change so you do..). And then stick to it. Be the warrior that never gives up.
If you do have a condition like being gluten sensitive.. choose to see it as a blessing. Because it can be ;-)

And all of that was just a little something I got to think about on my lovely walk with my dog this morning.

Right now I'm three and a half weeks out from the first competition and I'm getting better and better every day. It's tough now but I keep on fighting.

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