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BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Thu, March 13, 2014 12:33:30
Tuesday the phone rang and it was a guy from a newspaper. They are making a double interview with two women who compete in the physique division and wanted to ask if I would be one of those two and then also if they could come and do a photoshoot and have my picture and interview in the paper.

Well… yes! That could be cool. Then he asked if the photographer could come shoot me the next day, Wednesday! and well… yes why not.

Fast and fun. Take the changes when they come and always be ready!

I used the opportunity to do a little promotion for my Sponsor, Fairing, and also the Örkelljunga Gym where I work out and where the pictures are taken.

The final product will be a big picture in the paper with both of us, me and the other girl, where we sort of face each other and pose, and with our interview texts on top of it all.
(for my Swedish readers: it will be in the paper Faktum from Göteborg and Malmö the end of this month)

Luckily Thomas has been home this week so he could help with my color on my body (needed to get a little tan) and he also went along and took some pictures:

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