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One More Sponsor

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Sun, March 16, 2014 17:36:06
I got myself one more sponsor today. It's the gym I work out in. They insist that I work out there for free. I'm so proud to represent this gym. Has everything you need and the atmosphere there is just perfect. My kind of place.

Örkelljunga Gym

It's open 24 hours a day, all days, all year round. I really like the people there. Mostly big tattooed guys and then some tough girls too. There are also some normal people (whatever that is, but you know what I mean) plus a guy who runs very very much and last but not least we have a long haired man who shouts so much when he lifts that he's named after his loudness (he's really a good guy, funny and spreads a lot of good energy). You can be exactly like you want to be and work out like you want to. They are all very supportive and think it's so cool that I'm competing.

I'm 2 weeks out now from the first competition (and 5 from Loaded and 6 from Sweden Grand Prix) and I'm on track. As I've said before I aim to peak at Loaded and the first one here in 2 weeks is sort of a warm up, but I still want to be in an ok condition and look good on stage.

Here's a sneak peek from the gym today:

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