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Line Kolbe

Less than a week to the first one

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Sun, March 23, 2014 20:37:03
Ooohhh… In less than a week I'll be stepping on stage at the Battle of Scandinavia!
So I thought I'd share a bit about this first peak week.

Well. I see this as just another prep week. I aim to peak at Loaded Cup in 4 weeks, and then keep the peak for Sweden Grand Prix a week after that, and I'm not doing all that peak week voodoo stuff that some do. I'll eat like I use to eat now in prep. I keep the water in and I will keep drinking a lot of it like I use to do. I will also keep the salt in. I will load a bit with carbs (potatoes which I use to eat on my refeed days and know my body likes) the days before so I won't be all flat and look weak on stage and I will rest from cardio and workouts the days before. But other than that this is a normal week. Since I've been studying all Layne Norton is teaching I also believe this is the right way to do it and I plan on doing the same on the next two peak weeks too. I recommend checking out his page, BioLayne, read what he writes and see his videos, and if you want to learn about water, salt and peak week I suggest you watch this video log: "Don't F… Up Your Peak Week". I really see this first competition as a test drive for the two big ones in 4 and 5 weeks. It's been a long time since last time I competed (it was in 2012) and it will be good to do all the coloring, feel the stage underneath my feet and get into it before I will be really ready and step on stage at Loaded. If I get to the finals this time (there are 10 girls registered in my class and 6 goes to the finals, and I don't know if I'll be lean enough this time) I will also get a chance to try the posing routine on stage.

My sponsor, Fairing, will be there and have a booth with lots of great offers on the best supplements! Be sure to come and check it out of you have the chance!

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