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BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Tue, April 01, 2014 12:30:53
Now, don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the competition, but I also learned this: Never again! Never again do I want to step on stage and not be ready. Ready meaning feeling lean enough. I was soft and my muscles weren't visible like I want them to be. I knew that this was how it would be this time. That I wouldn't be as lean as I wanted to be and I did this competition in order to get permission to compete in Denmark in 3 weeks at Loaded Cup. If it wasn't for that rule, that you have to do a competition here in Sweden before you are given permission to compete in another country, I wouldn't have done it. I want to look my best and be the best possible version of myself. Because then I'll feel like I've won no matter my placement. I want it to be a real success.

All that being said I am happy about the fact that I learned some things at this competition that I need to adjust to the next one. One thing I learned was that my peak week (the way I upped my carbs the days before) worked great but that I need to eat something else on the competition day (I'll test some things the next couple of high carb days). Another thing I learned is that you can never practice posing enough. You can always get better at that. Just holding the poses is hard and practicing that is so important. Plus Maria, who helped me backstage, has never been my helper before so we got a chance to learn to do this together. She'll be my helper again at my last competition this spring, Sweden Grand Prix. That is in 4 weeks.

I had an awesome day and I chose to enjoy it. After I got the message that I didn't get to the finals (we were 10 girls in the class and 6 goes to the finals). We stayed and watched some more of the competition. Then we went out to eat and then home again.

I stayed at Maria's the whole weekend and we worked out together, talked so much, watched movies, ate good food, and overall just enjoyed time together.

A picture of the whole physique class (you can click on it and make it bigger). I'm the second one there. And then a picture of Maria and I out eating afterwards.

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