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BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Thu, April 24, 2014 16:49:42
I had the most amazing weekend. Everything was just even more than I expected, and I expected a lot. No wonder Dana and Rob Bailey want to come back year after year.
The seminar with Kai Greene Friday was so good. Also the seminar Saturday with Dana, Nathalia and Kai was great. The guest posing with Kai and Dana together was unbelievable. Rob performed live on stage for the first time ever. The athletes competing were amazing. The level of standard… again amazing. And the crowd there, the atmosphere and support given to the athletes. I can only say one thing: this is as good as it gets. If I should say one thing that was a little sad it was that Maria didn't get to meet and take pictures with Kai and Dana. She had to head home Sunday morning. I feel sorry for her. She looked so much forward to that. I bet she'll get the chance next year though. Kai is a difficult man to get to come but Stellan, who is the man behind Loaded Cup, can make impossible things happen..


Me with Kai and Dana. There was a line of hundreds to get pictures. It all went fast. Didn't get a chance to really talk, but a nice picture non the less.

Rob and Thomas. Thomas had looked so much forward to showing Rob our car. They had a good little talk about it (you might know that Rob is into cars like that too)

Our car outside the main entrance. There were many who took pictures in front of it posing. Fun. Thomas and Maria are there on these picture too.

Dana and Kai guest posing. This was amazing!

The Saturday seminar. Two hours of questions for the three of them. They had great answers and are so well spoken. All three are inspirational and great role models.

(there are more pictures on my instagram, @kolbeline and also check out @officialkaigreene, @danalinnbailey, @nathaliamelofit and @flagnorfail. Plus Loaded Cup's Facebook page: for even more pictures and video clips..)

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