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BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Wed, June 18, 2014 10:49:47
Just want to make an update about what's going on in my life.
A lot is going on. I'm working at the canoe central and love that job. I'm renting out canoes. I get to spend my summer out in nature at a lake with my dog and with happy people. That's just perfect.

Other than that I've been running the Sankt Hans Extreme 10K. That was a hot experience. The weather was sunny with almost no wind and it was a very hot summer day. It was a 10K with nothing but steep hills and I get why they call the run "extreme"
It was very extreme with all those hills. Great practice for the mountain marathon in August.

Right now I'm just under 7 weeks form that mountain marathon. I can't wait. I look so much forward to running in the swedish mountains the 2nd of August.

I've also registered myself for the Swedish Championships in Athletic Fitness the 6th of September. That will be my debut in that. Exciting. I've been wanting to compete in that for many years actually. Now is the time. I'm just under 12 weeks out from that.
In this class you are judged on symmetry like in the physique class, plus you have strength and endurance too. You have to do chins and dips to show the strength and also rowing machine to show your endurance. I really like this. You need to be as healthy and in as great a shape as possible. The looks are kind of a byproduct of being the best possible version of yourself. Of course you still need to do the bodybuilding part of it to look your best but that's also perfect for me. I wouldn't want to miss that part of it. The sculpting of the aesthetic and athletic look and the symmetry round where you get to show off your body and the hard work in the gym.

I'm working out with a training partner now, Cathrine. It's great to have someone to work out with, to make you do your best, and I'm dieting to lose some weight and fat for the marathon and to get in shape for the Athletic Fitness competition 5 weeks after the marathon.

This weekend Thomas and I went to Stockholm to a Team Fairing get-together. It was a great day with great people. I really love being in the team. Not only am I sponsored with really good products I also really like the people that run Fairing Sports Nutrition and the team of athletes that we are. Down to earth good people.
We went out bowling, talked a lot, ate good food, had a little education with the Naprapat in the team and got the latest team info and news.

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