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BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Wed, August 20, 2014 10:40:16

Yesterday I registered myself and Thomas for the mountain marathon next year.

I'm so happy he wants to do this together with me. In the marathon you can register yourself as a solo runner, or you can be a duo team of two persons. There are only room for 80 duo teams and they were sold out in one hour. When the registration opened I sat ready at my computer and got one of the spots. I also got a room at the hotel we want to stay in (they get full booked fast too), so now it's all ready for us next year.

It's going pretty good with my knee. I've been running on an incline of 15% for 10-15 min after my workouts and it's been great. No pain at all. I've also been stretching a lot after every workout. I'll continue to increase the time I run after my workouts as long at it still feels good. I've also tried a bit of downhill running outside, just a tiny little bit just to test how it felt and it felt good too. This is what I can't do with the knee and what I need to work up the ability to do. So I'll try to fit that in so I can increase that super slowly too.

I still work a lot at the canoe central but it's starting to be low season and there are less guests here again, so I have more time at home again. I get my 5-6 gym workouts in every week. I've had to unregister myself for the Athletic Fitness championships in September. I need to focus on my rehab on my knee. I feel good about that decision.
Life goes on.

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