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Super Busy

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Thu, February 06, 2014 13:54:50
The winter finally came and since then I've been super busy working at the ski resort.
I'm so exhausted. I walk and carry skis and equipment from 6 to 12 hours a day, but I really really like it. Everyone are happy and there to have fun. It's full speed ahead all the time helping the guests get what they need and having a good time.
This is the view from the kitchen there.

I have made a new training schedule so I can fit in more rest days, because I need them. All the hard work is pretty tough. So this is the new 3 day split:
Shoulders, chest, triceps.
Back, biceps, abs.

The spring competitions are getting closer and closer. (only a little more than 10 week until Loaded Cup in Denmark) I'm feeling a little behind and I need to cut a bit on my diet. That's ok. I want to be the best me possible.

I found these two pictures of myself from Oslo Grand Prix 2011. This is the best shape I've ever been in for a competition. I use these picture to motivate myself and to remind me that this shape is possible for me. I hope that I've added some mass to my shoulders and back, but otherwise I'd be so proud to step on stage in this shape again.

And then I need to make this announcement to all my Swedish readers:

If you want to get 10% off of your order on supplements just use the code 1007LK when you order at Kolozzeum

These are my favorites: Fairing QuadPro and Fairing Gel.
If you haven't tried the QuadPro protein powder yet, you need to!
I can't imagine a protein tasting better than this.
The gel is great if you like endurance too, like I do.

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