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Battle of Scandinavia

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Tue, April 01, 2014 12:30:53
Now, don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the competition, but I also learned this: Never again! Never again do I want to step on stage and not be ready. Ready meaning feeling lean enough. I was soft and my muscles weren't visible like I want them to be. I knew that this was how it would be this time. That I wouldn't be as lean as I wanted to be and I did this competition in order to get permission to compete in Denmark in 3 weeks at Loaded Cup. If it wasn't for that rule, that you have to do a competition here in Sweden before you are given permission to compete in another country, I wouldn't have done it. I want to look my best and be the best possible version of myself. Because then I'll feel like I've won no matter my placement. I want it to be a real success.

All that being said I am happy about the fact that I learned some things at this competition that I need to adjust to the next one. One thing I learned was that my peak week (the way I upped my carbs the days before) worked great but that I need to eat something else on the competition day (I'll test some things the next couple of high carb days). Another thing I learned is that you can never practice posing enough. You can always get better at that. Just holding the poses is hard and practicing that is so important. Plus Maria, who helped me backstage, has never been my helper before so we got a chance to learn to do this together. She'll be my helper again at my last competition this spring, Sweden Grand Prix. That is in 4 weeks.

I had an awesome day and I chose to enjoy it. After I got the message that I didn't get to the finals (we were 10 girls in the class and 6 goes to the finals). We stayed and watched some more of the competition. Then we went out to eat and then home again.

I stayed at Maria's the whole weekend and we worked out together, talked so much, watched movies, ate good food, and overall just enjoyed time together.

A picture of the whole physique class (you can click on it and make it bigger). I'm the second one there. And then a picture of Maria and I out eating afterwards.

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Less than a week to the first one

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Sun, March 23, 2014 20:37:03
Ooohhh… In less than a week I'll be stepping on stage at the Battle of Scandinavia!
So I thought I'd share a bit about this first peak week.

Well. I see this as just another prep week. I aim to peak at Loaded Cup in 4 weeks, and then keep the peak for Sweden Grand Prix a week after that, and I'm not doing all that peak week voodoo stuff that some do. I'll eat like I use to eat now in prep. I keep the water in and I will keep drinking a lot of it like I use to do. I will also keep the salt in. I will load a bit with carbs (potatoes which I use to eat on my refeed days and know my body likes) the days before so I won't be all flat and look weak on stage and I will rest from cardio and workouts the days before. But other than that this is a normal week. Since I've been studying all Layne Norton is teaching I also believe this is the right way to do it and I plan on doing the same on the next two peak weeks too. I recommend checking out his page, BioLayne, read what he writes and see his videos, and if you want to learn about water, salt and peak week I suggest you watch this video log: "Don't F… Up Your Peak Week". I really see this first competition as a test drive for the two big ones in 4 and 5 weeks. It's been a long time since last time I competed (it was in 2012) and it will be good to do all the coloring, feel the stage underneath my feet and get into it before I will be really ready and step on stage at Loaded. If I get to the finals this time (there are 10 girls registered in my class and 6 goes to the finals, and I don't know if I'll be lean enough this time) I will also get a chance to try the posing routine on stage.

My sponsor, Fairing, will be there and have a booth with lots of great offers on the best supplements! Be sure to come and check it out of you have the chance!

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One More Sponsor

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Sun, March 16, 2014 17:36:06
I got myself one more sponsor today. It's the gym I work out in. They insist that I work out there for free. I'm so proud to represent this gym. Has everything you need and the atmosphere there is just perfect. My kind of place.

Örkelljunga Gym

It's open 24 hours a day, all days, all year round. I really like the people there. Mostly big tattooed guys and then some tough girls too. There are also some normal people (whatever that is, but you know what I mean) plus a guy who runs very very much and last but not least we have a long haired man who shouts so much when he lifts that he's named after his loudness (he's really a good guy, funny and spreads a lot of good energy). You can be exactly like you want to be and work out like you want to. They are all very supportive and think it's so cool that I'm competing.

I'm 2 weeks out now from the first competition (and 5 from Loaded and 6 from Sweden Grand Prix) and I'm on track. As I've said before I aim to peak at Loaded and the first one here in 2 weeks is sort of a warm up, but I still want to be in an ok condition and look good on stage.

Here's a sneak peek from the gym today:

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BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Thu, March 13, 2014 12:33:30
Tuesday the phone rang and it was a guy from a newspaper. They are making a double interview with two women who compete in the physique division and wanted to ask if I would be one of those two and then also if they could come and do a photoshoot and have my picture and interview in the paper.

Well… yes! That could be cool. Then he asked if the photographer could come shoot me the next day, Wednesday! and well… yes why not.

Fast and fun. Take the changes when they come and always be ready!

I used the opportunity to do a little promotion for my Sponsor, Fairing, and also the Örkelljunga Gym where I work out and where the pictures are taken.

The final product will be a big picture in the paper with both of us, me and the other girl, where we sort of face each other and pose, and with our interview texts on top of it all.
(for my Swedish readers: it will be in the paper Faktum from Göteborg and Malmö the end of this month)

Luckily Thomas has been home this week so he could help with my color on my body (needed to get a little tan) and he also went along and took some pictures:

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Blessing or Curse?

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Wed, March 05, 2014 13:54:19
If there are different types of food you don't tolerate well, or are allergic to, you can choose to see that as a curse. You can feel sorry for yourself and be a victim. You can also see it as a blessing. It will probably make you choose healthier foods and make you an overall healthier person if you don't eat it. So if it wasn't for that "condition" of your's you'd be eating worse and now you have a good reason to not do that.
Isn't that a blessing? Seeing it like this changes you from a victim to a warrior, meaning that you choose to stay in the battle and choose to win. The battle against the cravings for the food you can't have, or the battle against the people in your life that don't understand that you can't eat it, or the battle against your own feelings of pity that will come at times.

Why do I write about this? Because being on a diet for a competition can feel very much like this. I'm not saying that you have to restrict yourself from certain foods in order to diet down, some don't have to do that, but you do need to be restrictive in your amounts and you do need to be in a deficit to lose the fat. And that can be a battle.

But be a warrior not a victim.

I'm also writing about this because sometimes a "condition" would be easier to have than just being on a diet for a competition. Society have a hard time accepting it if you just choose to eat a certain way when you don't really have to. Choosing a lifestyle can get you enemies. And here we are again with the warrior mindset.

You see. When you choose to eat better those around you, that don't have that willpower or motivation to do it, will have to bring you down in order for them to feel better about themselves. That's just human psychology. They don't mean to make you feel bad but they just can't help themselves. They need to justify their own bad choices.
If you could just say "Oh I'm sorry, I have to pass on that cake, I'm allergic to.. " instead of "… I'm on this diet" or "… I'm not eating sugar". Wouldn't that be easier?

So what to do?
Choose to be a warrior and choose to be a kind one. Don't let anyone pity you that you can't eat that, just be glad and explain that you feel better when you don't. Don't give into group pressure, you will let them know that it's possible to make you eat it and they will continue to try. Don't feel bad about your own decisions to not eat things, it's your own choice. Be happy that you are in control of your own life. Be an inspiration and show the world that you enjoy your lifestyle (and if you don't enjoy it you need to figure out what to change so you do..). And then stick to it. Be the warrior that never gives up.
If you do have a condition like being gluten sensitive.. choose to see it as a blessing. Because it can be ;-)

And all of that was just a little something I got to think about on my lovely walk with my dog this morning.

Right now I'm three and a half weeks out from the first competition and I'm getting better and better every day. It's tough now but I keep on fighting.

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5, 8 and 9 weeks out

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Mon, February 24, 2014 12:18:51
I'm so excited, so motivated and I can't wait to get on stage!

The winter season has ended so I have the time to commit 100% to the prep now. It was a short and intense winter season and all the hard work pain off both with money, new friendships and a fat loss on top of it. It was long days and a lot of physical work. I really liked it. I plan to be back there again next winter.

But since I now have the opportunity to prep exactly like I want to I've made this new split:
1. Shoulders, triceps.
2. Back.
3. Legs
4. Shoulders, chest.
5. Back.
6. Abs, biceps.
7. Rest
You can see I want to focus on my shoulders and my back. Always want to improve there..

For cardio I'm doing long walks with my dog every day (sometimes with running thrown in too), because I love it, and my dog does too. I truly believe in doing things you love doing. If you are into high intensity, do that, if you are like me and like slower steady state, do that. I do plan on doing something to chock my body once a week, like do intervals, and I'll do that with extra carbs in me, on my high carb day.

My diet and supplements look like this now:
My diet is mostly fish and veggies, again because I love it and it fills me up, satisfies me and I get what I need. I have a low amount of carbs and moderate amount of fats and proteins. Once a week I lower my fats and raise the carbs. I use Fairing's supplements. Insane (which is an energizer, and I use this before my walks), I take ALA+ before the meals with the most carbs. I use Kolozzeum Pure Whey after my workouts. Before my workouts I've now started to use KCG R2 which I feel give me a good energy boost that lasts a long time and I don't get trouble sleeping when I use this late in the day since it's caffeine free. I take Zinzino Balance with my breakfast, this is an Omega 3 supplement as a shake. And then I take a multivitamin and some extra minerals too.

Remember that code that gives you 10% off when you order at Kolozzeum: 1007LK

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7, 10 and 11 weeks out

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Mon, February 10, 2014 09:32:34
It's all getting so much closer now. It feels like time flies and I've just registered myself for the 3 competitions I'm prepping for. When the registrations are done it all gets so much more real. The motivation gets a notch higher.

I'm only 7 weeks out from the first one here in Sweden, Battle of Scandinavia.
This competition is like the key to getting to Denmark. You need to do a competition in Sweden in order to have permission to compete in other countries. So there's no way around this one. It's mandatory and it will be a good start. I see this as a sort of test drive before the ones some weeks later.

I'm 10 and 11 weeks out from the next two.
Loaded Cup in Denmark. This competition has always been a dream of mine to do.
I really can't wait!
Not only do I consider this to be the absolute coolest competition in Scandinavia,
Nathalia Melo, Dana Linn Baily and Kai Greene will be there!!!

Then last but not least Sweden Grand Prix which will be the finale of my spring.

Remember to get 10% off on orders at Kolozzeum where you find all the best supplements. Just use the code 1007LK when you order…
Support the ones that supports us. That way we all win.

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Super Busy

BlogPosted by Line Kolbe Thu, February 06, 2014 13:54:50
The winter finally came and since then I've been super busy working at the ski resort.
I'm so exhausted. I walk and carry skis and equipment from 6 to 12 hours a day, but I really really like it. Everyone are happy and there to have fun. It's full speed ahead all the time helping the guests get what they need and having a good time.
This is the view from the kitchen there.

I have made a new training schedule so I can fit in more rest days, because I need them. All the hard work is pretty tough. So this is the new 3 day split:
Shoulders, chest, triceps.
Back, biceps, abs.

The spring competitions are getting closer and closer. (only a little more than 10 week until Loaded Cup in Denmark) I'm feeling a little behind and I need to cut a bit on my diet. That's ok. I want to be the best me possible.

I found these two pictures of myself from Oslo Grand Prix 2011. This is the best shape I've ever been in for a competition. I use these picture to motivate myself and to remind me that this shape is possible for me. I hope that I've added some mass to my shoulders and back, but otherwise I'd be so proud to step on stage in this shape again.

And then I need to make this announcement to all my Swedish readers:

If you want to get 10% off of your order on supplements just use the code 1007LK when you order at Kolozzeum

These are my favorites: Fairing QuadPro and Fairing Gel.
If you haven't tried the QuadPro protein powder yet, you need to!
I can't imagine a protein tasting better than this.
The gel is great if you like endurance too, like I do.

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